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The Base Price is for Samsung 40T Cells with a 100A Daly BMS (Smart bms)


All options use a 100A Daly SMART BMS. (Smart is bluetooth capable meaning you can check the battery condition with your phone app)


Please see options for other cell choices.


Recent Upgrades:

  • QS8 Anti Spark Connector for discharge rated at 130A Continous use, and no sparking when plugging in.
  • BMS leads are sleeved using 1200V 200C fiberglass insulation to protect high voltage BMS leads.
  • Power switch controls BMS function and will disable and enable both discharge and charge.


  • Packs are made using 0.2mm nickel and 0.5mm copper for max current.  (This coppper is Capable of handling over 400A which offers lower resistance)


Charging port options are avl, but standard is a barrel plug which is rated at only 3 amps. If you want fast charging please let us know.  Fast charging can go up to 8A.


Options information:

  • Molicel P42A With Daly 100A BMS.                Rated AH 12.6. Max Cell output before bms limit 135A
  • Samsung 50S Pack With Daly 100A BMS.   Rated AH 15.0. Max Cell output before BMS limit 75 continious/135 Burst of 20 seconds.
  • Samsung 40T Pack with Daly 100A BMS.    Rated AH 12.0   Max Cell output before BMS limit 105


All packs are custom made to order, please allow 4-6 Weeks (As of 4-19-23) from when order is placed to be delivered. Since packs are made custom, once the order is placed the order cannot be changed after 24 hours. Please ensure which pack you want before hand. If order is canceled during this time period a 20% restocking fee is applied.  Copper is not polished on all packs as its never seen and covered. If for any reason you want it polished please contact me.   ** Charger is not included 3-5A Charger max suggested. If you want to charge higher you need to request the external charge plug. **  IF you want to use the lock system and the case power connector ( less idea, high resitance, can heat and limited to 60A) If you want 100A we will route a set of wires with QS8 connector for discharge.


72V 20S Hard Case 20S3P 100A Output, Bluetooth Smart BMS Copper/Nickel

$1,250.00 Regular Price
$1,200.00Sale Price
  • ***Pure nickel packs are suggested for riders who are high moisture enviroments where salt is in the air, copper can collect corrosion over time and is not suggested if you live on the beach, or high salt enviroment 

    **** Copper packs are suggested to those who want less voltage sag, less heat build up, for racers, top speed runs. Much more labor, and welding time is doubled or even tripped hence the price increase.


    **** Due to the nature of the product we test each pack before shipment. It gets charged to 82V, and around 3-4AH of discharge is tested. 


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