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Are you a mad man?  If EXTREME peformance what you crave?  No really....

Do you want to mount a 40HP Controller on your 20x4 S73 RX?




Then this is the mount you need.  First the ONLY works with the GLE Bac8000, it MUST be used with there heat sink as that is what the design is based off.   IF you try to mount a standard controller to it, you would be wasting your time.


Understand this is 3D printed, meaning YOU CAN break it, its plastic.  I have ran mine on my personal trail bike now for the last year without issue.


It is not easy to mount, it involves very carefully routing wires in a extremely tight place, if you are handy this is easy. I can install this mount with controller in 10 minutes.


It uses OEM holes on the frame.


You lose the rear fender and rear brake light unless you add another solution for this.


This is the cleanest mount you can install on your bike for the controller.


What this comes with:

Carbon Fiber Nylon Printed Controller mount

4 nuts pre inserted to the controller mount

4 bolts to go thru frame to controller mount.

It comes RAW 3d printed meaning you will need to prep and clean it for paint.

If you want a black wrinkle finish you can choose the upgrade.


This mount took hours to create and test fit, it takes a while to print.  If the price seems to step, I suggest you look into what it would take to make it yourself.


If you want a tricky to install but very clean mount and want WAY to much power this is for you.

This mount does not mean you get tuning help, or wiring help. This is just to mount the controller on the frame. If you need tuning help please see our tuning section. 

By purchashing this understand you may be sick in the head and 40 HP on this platform is enough to back flip at almost any speed.  We are not responisble for broken mounts, or injury.

S73 R/RX Rear Frame Mount For ASI Bac8000 3D Printed

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