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As of 4/18/24 Next batch is in progress. Did a run of 15.  4 Are left.


This batch is at powder coating and will be in stock and shipping the week of the 4/22/24. Get your order in before then to be on this run.  If you miss it, it will be May for the next batch.

Hand built to order. 

Orders are back up.

Click here for a --->Video on the plates 
Click here to see the Plates getting sealed and shipped with all needed hardware. 

These are made to order, so it takes around 2 weeks.  We will be stocking them soon, the more orders we get the more we can stock.  

Now the Stock motor/3k and 5k plates will work with all motors with 10MM axle flats ( most common)

So if you purchase a set and upgrade the motor later you are good to go, We have confirmed fitment on the NBpower motors, the QS205, QS273.

ONLY order the 300MM Variant with brake adapter if your ordering the motor to spec 300mm Width. TO do so Contact Alan.  His info is at bottom of this AD.  (If you need help ordering the 300MM motor, Please contact or on whatsapp +86-15905861560. He will help you get it ordered.)


Black Wrinkle Coated Black Drop out plates.

This is a part that we have been working on and testing on our personal bike for over a year.  If you are familiar with our videos online chances are you have seen our S73 RX.  It runs a ASI Bac 8000 Controller at 800 Phase amps and 300 Battery amps.


Click here for a Dyno video of plates holding over 20HP and 287 Ft Lb of TQ. 

0-60 Time in just 6 Seconds, meaning we have put them through some torture over this time.

How have they held up?  Flawlessly, we are at the point where its no longer a concern when riding.

What exactly is it? Do I need it? 

Please watch our video here for why you need it even on a stock bike. 


From the factory only the brake slide is truly clamped and even then its done with a thin cheap tq washer.  If you have ever had to change a tube or tire, you are aware how quickly the washers get damaged and chewed up from the axle turning. Heck at times they are almost impossible to get off.  Know this is what you are trusting to keep your expensive motor in place and secure.

Did you upgrade to a larger controller? It's only a matter of time.


As the axle torsions on one side, it weakens the axle.  It's only a matter of time before they snap. Which can lead to an accident, injury and being stranded as well as a 500.00+ motor replacement.


While this plate cannot stop this from ever happening it greatly increases the chances of it not, it will not be able to rotate in this drop out. At the axle you are upgraded to 1/4 " of stainless steel keyway for your axle. 


What it includes:


2 Dropout plates.

4 Longer Allen Bolts.



We make different version of this depending on your motor.  So if you have a custom motor installed reach out first to ensure we get you the correct drop outs. 

Please watch the video linked above for more information.


This are hand made in Florida, and support us to make more products in the future. 




****  Stock motor and 3000/5000W upgrade have the recessed hole for the nut for a short axle. 1/4" thick. 
**** 300MM axle QS205 uses no reccessed hole and upgrades to 1/2" thick of axle support. 

If you use a 300MM QS205, it WILL NOT allow standard brake mounting, this motor does not use a offset snout, to allow the large motor cable to exit properly. TO fix this we make a 1/2 steel powdercoated brake adapter. Note in order to run a brake on this motor YOU MUST run a 203mm rear rotor.  If you have a Gen qs205 with 300mm Axle, this plate kit and brake adapter makes install a breeze. 

If you are ordering an aftermarket motor. We suggest using a custom QS205 from Alan with 300MM long axle.   We sell the dropouts (300mm Qs205 option in drop down) as well as the brake adapter you will need. (brake adapter is confirmed fitment with stock brake caliper in the rear, while others make work we cannot promise this.)

If you need help ordering the 300MM motor, Please contact or on whatsapp +86-15905861560.  He will help you get it ordered. 


We will have more information on this motor soon, a REAL deal QS205 for the RX. 

S73 ZX/S2/R/RX Torque Arms, Dropout Upgrades

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