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As of 4/20/24 All Orders are current and shipped.

We will have two trailer kits ready to ship the week of the 22nd.


Working on in stock inventory now.


When I looked into installing a trailer for my wife to tow our dogs, I quickly found the lack of a safe way to do so. 


Click here for a video explaining them. 

The Axle was to large, to short and any way I found to mount it.  I wanted something that tied into a strong part of the frame, the axle but would not sacrafice bike reliabity. 


Introducing our Trailer Mount Drop out plate. Based on the original design Seen HERE.   We took our well selling plate and added a mounting tab for a trailer. ( For the single bolt mounting point style, Contact us if unsure if yours will work) 

Another nice thing is with the bolt moved back you gain extra turning clearance. 

This installs in just minutes and offers increased axle protection as well as a safe place to mount your trailer pin, flag, or light stick.   This listing is for just the left side of the bike, the brake side, the side the trailer mounts on.  It does have the option to upgrade to both plates. 


This will work with Stock motors, and most aftermarket motors. 



S73 S2/R/RX TQ Plate +Tow Behind Trailer Mount

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