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All kits as of 5/10/24 have been shipped.   


We had a small delay on the first batch where we found Super73 used a few different forks.  For now we are simply shipping both versions of the kit which work with both. In the future we will have photos here to select which fork you have.


Thank you for checking out the UpgradeMyEbike.Com Airtag security mount.


Want to watch a video about them?




After owning the Super73 platform since 2020, the one thing we see over and over again is people having their expensive prize possession taken from them.


Studies say over 2 million bikes get stolen in the US each year, and a whopping 88% of those are never seen again.


Sadly, when it comes to bike recovery, it's very slim that the bike is ever seen again.


We are happy to introduce you to our stealth-mounted AirTag mount.


Using the popular AirTag (not included), you are able to mount the AirTag in a hidden location that is concealed with a novelty warning label on the cover (see photos).


We designed this to be an easy install that allows you to mount the AirTag in a safe location that is not easy to spot and is hidden by a cover that says "Under Pressure," "Warning," or "Extreme Danger." This is all done to help throw off a thief from finding the AirTag.

The tag itself is highly water-resistant, The fork cap fits snug and covers the end of the fork tube which will help keep water and debris from getting into this location. The mount is 3D-printed from plastic, which allows the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) signal to pass through for anyone who is worried.

What do you need to install it?

  • A functioning AirTag
  • A 2.5MM allen wrench
  • 6mm stubby Allen wrench (size could be updated in the future)

The tag itself is securely held in place by our PETG mount that has built-in springs to allow consistent and equal clamping force. So no matter how wild your ride gets, your tag will remain where you put it.

We feel this design is one of the most hidden and inclusive AirTag mounts made for the Super73. While this won't guarantee you get your bike back, it does GREATLY increase your ability to track it.

All hardware included in the kit is stainless steel.

What's included?

  • AirTag mount
  • Fork cap for Airtag mount
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Black bolt for fork cap

Note: This works for any MTB with a tapered fork that has an internal diameter of 33.75mm. It's made to work with the internal taper that S73 uses. If you want to try this for another bike, please send photos and measurements.

Hidden Airtag Mount For SUPER73 E-Bikes . ZX/S2/R/RX. Stealth

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
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